Would You Destroy Your Wedding Dress for Fun?

Despite the months of meticulous planning, something is guaranteed to go wrong at your wedding: Your flower girl will pitch a fit before her big walk down the aisle, the best man will get drunk and slur his way through the toast, that kind of thing.

But most brides agree that those snafus pale in comparison to the worst thing that could happen: Something could go terribly wrong with the dress. After all, it's what most women think about before anything else during the wedding-planning extravaganza. Heck, it's what most women think about before they even find their groom.

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That's why this after-the-wedding trend dubbed "Trash the Dress" has us pretty perplexed. Women are pulling their most expensive wedding memorabilia out of storage, and then destroying it for a photo shoot that'll give them some unique wall art.

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These brides want to create images that break from the usual idyllic wedding pictures -- you know, those perfectly-posed shots of the happy couple in some kind of nature scene, with the sun setting in the background.

Now, brides seem to want to be portrayed in a totally different scenario: having a food fight with red wine, shooting paintballs, even setting herself on fire.

What do you think of this new wave of wedding photography? Would you pull out your gown and destroy it for some unconventional snapshots?

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