Diane Keaton: "I Love Clothes. It's an Illness"

The 'Morning Glory' actress, Diane Keaton, reveals her obsession with shopping, family and acting to BettyConfidential.
- Cindy Pearlman, BettyConfidential.com

Diane Keaton has a bone to pick with the celebrity loving public. She wants you to get your head out of the gossip rags and get serious for a moment. "I think it's terrible when we care more about Charlie Sheen than the health care bill. I try to teach my children what's really important. That's the key. You have to teach your kids to think. Serious news makes us think and that's important," says the screen legend and star of Morning Glory.

Keaton plays a fun-loving morning news anchor who gets thrown through more than just a loop when an aggressive new morning show producer (Rachel McAdams) pairs her with a stodgy, serious newsman played by Harrison Ford.

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Why no love scene with Harrison in the movie?
There's a moment at the end that will leave you wondering. Their tension is actually so delicious.

Did you model your character after any real newswomen?
Yes, I wanted to look like Diane Sawyer. In fact, I did a real interview with Diane Sawyer and just kept looking and looking at her. I kept staring right into Diane's face. That face mesmerized me. I even forgot what we were talking about during the segment.

Wait, you didn't get tongue-tied, did you?
Just out of the blue, I turned to Diane and said, "You are beautiful! That hair! Those lips!" I think she blushed.

What is the secret to looking so amazing at age 64?
It's waking up each day with a great outlook. I have two amazing kids, Duke, 9, and Dexter, 14, and I don't want to waste a moment complaining about the little things. Life is just too precious to let the little things bog you down.

How do you remain so fashionable, but never in a predictable way? One day, it's a serious business suit like the gray one you have on…or you could arrive in a top hat and tutu!
I love clothes. It's an illness. I've had it all my life. I love to shop. It's sick. But I also believe that beautiful things are transforming. Now, I'm a collector instead of a shopper. I'm addicted to gorgeous furniture and I collect Western art. I'm constantly plotting and scheming with my sister. We pretend we're not shopping and just looking, but we're shopping.

Do you stand in your closet and agonize about what to wear?
I basically like to throw things on because who cares? Yes, I love clothes, but you can't obsess. I'm basically taking my kids to school, coming back to the house, visiting friends and talking about work. I live in California and I'm always on the move. Sometimes, however, I do wake up and have some creative idea and play it up.

How busy are your days when you're not working? And do you savor time more as you age?
There was a time in my life when I was younger where the days seemed just endless. Now, I'm busy but I appreciate all of it. Every day something is happening and that's exciting.

What has been the most trying moment in a laughable way as a single mom?
Dexter has a pet rat. I love the pet rat, Baby O. So, I was reading to Duke and I heard screaming from the other room. We ran to Dexter's room and Bob O had fallen in the toilet. The rat was drowning which really redefines the term drown rat. Dexter wanted to take the rat - after we fished it out - to the ER. She was quite concerned. A friend of mine had a great idea. She said, 'Get out your hair dryer. Put it on low and dry off the rat.' It worked great and we didn't have to go to the rat ER. These are my nights as a Mom and I love it.

What was it like to work with Harrison Ford in your new movie?
Amazing and great. I've been a fan for a long time and this was a great way for us to work together. It's not a romance. In fact, we hate each other, but gradually have to let go of preconceived notions and work together.

You play a diva anchorwoman in the film. Was that fun?
I'm the selfish, most self-involved human being on the planet. She's like, 'I want my job. I'll do anything to save my damn job. I don't care about anyone else because it's rough out there if you don't have a job. I'm the person representing someone you love to hate. I play that newswoman who is pure entertainment. She says, "I'll do anything to just make the show work." That's the core of the American ideal. Just make it work. I'm nothing like this character.

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How did they get you to rap in this movie?
Don't you see me cutting a rap CD? Or dropping a CD? Make me sound cool here. It was always my dream to sing on camera and it came true although I never thought I'd be doing a rap song! But that's the thing about life. Suddenly you find yourself doing things beyond your wildest expectations and it's wonderful."

Cindy Pearlman is a nationally syndicated entertainment writer and the co-author of The Beauty Cookbook and The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets.

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