Diane Von Furstenberg for Gap Kids: New Collection Features Wrap Dresses and Printed Separates (PICS)

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Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress for Gap Kids, $68.
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Tue, Feb 21, 2012 4:14 PM EST
Diane von Furstenberg teams up with Gap Kids to bring her signature wrap dress to the massesDiane von Furstenberg teams up with Gap Kids to bring her signature wrap dress to the massesAs mass retail stores quickly crank out more and more designer collaborations in hopes of recreating a Missoni for Target-level frenzy, the new lines often stray far from the brand's aesthetic or sacrifice quality in order to meet affordable price points. But nothing could hinder our excitement for the March 15 debut of Diane von Furstenberg for Gap Kids and Baby Gap because, well, it's Diane von Furstenberg and also, it's just that good. As Furstenberg explains in a new video, "I wanted to go to the core of what the brand is...and make fun prints and things that little girls would like." It's a goal she's achieved: the designs are fun, bright, bold, and fashion-forward.

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But little girls aren't the only ones who will fall for Furstenberg's new, much more affordable designs. In fact, Gap's previous high-end collaboration for kids (with esteemed designer Stella McCartney) was coveted by adult women the world over to the point that quite a few lithe fashionistas purchased and managed to squeeze into the pieces in larger sizes. (To wit: France's stylish first lady, Carla Bruni was famously snapped wearing a Stella McCartney for Gap Kids jacket right after the line debuted).

Diane von Furstenberg's latest collection debuted at New York Fashion Week

Which leads us to ponder: Why not do a DVF collaboration for full grown women? Gap's recurring collection of women's shoes by Pierre Hardy always sells out in a flash and its 2010 Valentino collaboration was a smash hit overseas. A great designer collection for women (or men) might give their struggling retail stores the sales boost they need. And if the Gap is intent on creating designer collaborations for kids, they may want to rethink their approach: Price tags of $88 are much higher than your average Gap Kids and Baby Gap retail prices and closer to what women would spend on themselves. Although, considering a DVF wrap dress sells for around $350, paying $68 for a kids version seems reasonable, if it's in your budget.

Furstenberg provides a glamorous argument for why these pieces could be worth the splurge. "A little girl, the minute she is born, she already is the woman she will be," she says in the video clip. "So to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become." As much as we love Diane von Furstenberg, we can't help but think we'd do better empowering our daughters with books and a good breakfast, though we might not be able to resist one of the adorable t-shirts.

Decide for yourself if the collection is worth it by checking out our slideshow of Diane von Furstenberg for Gap Kids and Baby Gap and take a peek at DVF's latest runway collection at New York Fashion Week below:

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