Did Nicole Kidman get breast implants?

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesNicole Kidman who is known for her slim, statuesque figure, showed up at an event last week in a low-cut dress showing off noticeably fuller breasts. (The photo on the left is from five months ago in December 209, and her last child was born in July 2008, well before that photo was taken.) Having seen the actress wear next to nothing in movies like "Eyes Wide Shut," we know Kidman is typically around an A-cup. So what is up with her curvier new look?

If Kidman is wearing a push-up bra, we're dying to know who makes it. It would have to be a strapless one with a plunging front, yet still able to maximize her assets. What we, and other bloggers, are weary of, is that Kidman may have had a boob job. Not that it is really our business what the actress does or does not choose to do with our body, but after flat-chested actress Kate Hudson recently got implants, we'd hate to see another small-busted woman cave to the silicone and feel the need to adjust her already awesome body.

The 42-year-old actress has sworn up and down that she's never gone under the knife or any needles, despite her wrinkle-free forehead and occasionally swollen-looking lips. We doubt Kidman would own up if she really did have surgery.

What do you think is to blame for Kidman's sudden cleavage? Would you be disappointed if it turns out that she got implants at this stage in her life and career? [NYDN]