Diesel encourages shoppers to “be stupid”

Many brands use their ads to brag about how you'll have shinier hair, be more seductive, or enjoy life more by using their products. Diesel sure has an interesting take on that. Their latest "Be Stupid" campaign encourages idiotic or risky behavior, basically claiming you'll have a better time by doing these stupid things. And apparently this will makes us want to buy Diesel. Um, are we missing something?

Do customers want to buy things from a brand that thinks they're stupid? Or wants them to behave foolishly? Why would we want to be stupid? You know what? We think these ads are stupid!

Scroll down for more Diesel tutorials on how and why you should be stupid--we've seen around 40 different ones so far. Can you find a reason why these ads would make you want to buy their products? Because we don't get it.