Diet Coke launches nail polish

Diet Coke and Nails Inc. City Collection nail polish.Diet Coke and Nails Inc. City Collection nail polish.Coca-Cola knows good taste, and now they're putting their fashion sense to the test. Marketing Week reports that the popular soft drink company has collaborated with Nails Inc. to create the Diet Coke City Collection. Each shade is inspired by one of the four fashion capitals: London, Paris, New York, and Milan.

As for the color selection, "London" is a nude hue depicts the cool fashion of Brits. The deep purple of "Paris" is said to depict the sunset over the Eiffel Tower. "New York" is a vivid fuchsia for the city that never sleeps, while "Milan" is a fiery Italian red. But no matter where you're from or which city is your fave, these pretty shades will look nice on every skin tone.

The nail polishes will be given away free with every purchase of two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke at Boots in England until June 30, and for those of us living stateside, you will soon be able to order the polish online at, which has an ongoing partnership with Coca-Cola.

Coco Rocha in an ad for Coca-Cola Light by Karl LagerfeldCoco Rocha in an ad for Coca-Cola Light by Karl LagerfeldThe brand is making a strong advance into the fashion arena these days. In addition to being a sponsor of New York's fall 2010, designer Karl Lagerfeld recently created a limited-edition bottle of Coca-Cola light with his likeness on the bottle. He shot Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha for the campaign, which launched last month in Paris.

Is a Coke-inspired fashion line up next? Karl, if you're listening, we think those 1960s Andy Warhol Coca-Cola prints would make for some interesting outfits. [Marketing Week][WWD]