DIY Louboutins: Would You Ever Try Them?

When we think crafts, we think scrapbooking or DIY accessoriesnot designer shoes. But the latest DIY craze is just that -- creating your own pair of Louboutins. Since Christian Louboutin's famous red-soled shoes will run you about $800 a pop, women have started painting the bottoms of inexpensive heels to look like the real deal. In fact, so many imposters have tried this trick that sales of red paint have soared a staggering 40 percent over the past year.

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What we want to know is, why? So your cute black heels don't have a fancy label. So you don't have buckets of money to spend on a pair of designer shoes. You're not alone. And if you find yourself hunched over a pair of Payless shoes, painstakingly trying to paint the soles of your stilettos red, we say … put down the paintbrush and get a little perspective.

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Sure, it'd be nice to own a real pair of Louboutins, but if you can't, it's no biggie. The fact is, those fakes aren't fooling many. If someone buys a pair of Louboutins, they obviously know what makes it designer. And chances are they can also spot a fake a mile away. As for the people who can't tell, they also probably have no idea what that red sole even means. Either way, you're not impressing anyone.

When you make your first million, then go ahead and splurge. But until then we suggest settling on a pair of cute shoes from a brand you can actually afford -- and saving yourself a trip to Home Depot.

Now we want to know: Could a quick varnish of red paint on the soles of a pair of Payless heels really fool anyone? Would you wear DIY Louboutin's?

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