DIY Micro Floral Shirt

Micro-floral printsWe asked L.A.-based DIY expert Kate Albrecht (a.k.a. the beautiful Mr. Kate) to show us how to create DIY floral prints as inspired by the micro florals on the fall 2012 runways at Suno, Paul & Joe, and Band of Outsiders, to name a few.

This easy and approachable floral pattern is the hottest trend of the season, so get your plain collared shirt ready to be all flowered up.

Button down collared shirt
Fabric paint
Paper plate
Fabric markers
Aluminum foil

1Step 1) Take a piece of aluminum foil about 4 inches by 4 inches. Crumple up the aluminum foil in a ball and make sure there is negative space so that the ball has texture to it.

2Step 2) Dip the aluminum foil into paint that you pour out onto your paper plate. Press the aluminum foil onto your shirt in the area you want to make your pattern. We suggest the collar, pocket, or even down the middle.

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3Step 3) Use a different piece of aluminum foil for each color of paint that you use to make your floral print. We used red, yellow, and blue. Continue pressing the paint onto the shirt so that a floral pattern begins to emerge.

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4Step 4) Make the flowers more distinctive by using the fabric markers to make a center.

5Step 5) When you're happy with your print, use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.

Wear it proudlyWear it proudlyStep 6) Flaunt it on the streets Flaunt it!

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