Do you hate your armpits? Dove's Go Sleeveless deodorant wants to fix that

Dove Dove A new Unilever study says 93% of women consider their armpits unattractive. We'll admit, we do our best to shave regularly and use deodorant every day, but underarms in general aren't one of our favorite body parts. Deodorant companies have figured out how to infuse every scent from "fresh" to "wild strawberry" and some even make waterproof antiperspirant. But they've never been able to make us love our armpits. Yet.

Dove's new Ultimate Go Sleeveless deodorant is launching this week, and supposedly the special moisturizers will make your underarms look better in five days. Five days? That's pretty good! There's a product to make every other body part smooth and silky, so why not our armpits? They've been neglected! Sure, we don't spend a whole lot of time looking at our armpits, but with tank top season coming up maybe we WOULD look at our armpits more if they were pretty. OK, maybe not.

This new study found that 50% of deodorant buyers are loyalists who have used the same brand for at least 12 months. 29% tried a new brand but ultimately stuck with their favorite.

Would you try Dove's Go Sleeveless deodorant to make your armpits more attractive? Or could you absolutely not care less about the appearance of your armpits?

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