Do You Really Need Sunscreen for Your HAIR?

Photo: Fernando MilaniPhoto: Fernando MilaniBy Valerie Monroe

I was similarly skeptical when I first noticed hair products containing sunscreens. But the sun's UV rays can damage hair, especially if it has been colored or overprocessed by straightening or heat styling.

The UV rays weaken and break the protein bonds in the hair shaft and can also fade color, says trichologist (hair expert) David Kingsley, PhD. The sun's heat can weaken the strand's outer layer, drying it out and making it look rough and frizzy.

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So yes, it's a good idea to protect your hair. You can try a product formulated for that purpose (like Fekkai Beachcomber Leave-in Conditioner, $24, drugstores). Or you could slick back your hair with a mask or conditioner while you're at the pool or the beach.

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Keep in mind: A wide-brimmed hat will not only save your hair but also shield your face from damaging UV rays.

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