Do you suffer from "Inbox Stress" at work?

Almost every employee has an email account. It is one of the necessities that help employees, clients etc communicate with each other. Yet, this has become a source of "stress" for most employees. Why do we stress out on emails? In a recent study at Boston University titled: Email as a source and symbol of Stress; Professor Stine Grodal outlines her findings on how emails have blurred the line between private me time and work time. While in the past it was rude to call your employees during their private time, that distinction has been crossed with emails. We all know what stress brings along with it. Feeling of being overworked, fatigue, high blood pressure grey hairs, wrinkles and Adult Acne.
Some of the issues are: 1. Poorly written emails - causing readers to waste time figuring out what it means resulting in lost productivity. 2. Work pileup: Email inbox is synonymous with the dreaded table inbox of yesteryears. Emails get piled up and the recipient feels the urge to respond or get drowned in it. 3. Ignore emails received during "Me" time. You are not slacking off if you fail to respond during personal time.
Small business owners and Managers need to address these issues if they want their employees to be happy and energetic.