What Does the Color of Your Underwear Say About Where You Live? and Other Fun Undies Personality Facts

by Amy Wicks

courtesy of Hanescourtesy of HanesPardon me, but what color underwear are you wearing today? I ask because it turns out certain colors are trending around the country right now--and according to a new campaign from Hanes, your color choice says a lot about you and where you live! Who knew?

As part of the campaign, Hanes is asking women to tweet their underwear color and the latest trends are being updated in real time on undercovercolor.com. The brand is talking underwear this morning as part of the debut of a campaign to show off new colors and patterns available for underwear, bras, and tees. "The Undercover Color campaign gives us a fun way to let women know about all the great fits and vibrant colors we now offer," said Sidney Falken, chief branding officer at Hanes.

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Here are some pretty funny facts Hanes has come up with so far, based on tweets:
New Yorkers are most confident in talking about their choice of underwear (not surprising!).
* Women who want to feel unique pick yellow undies (although this is the least common choice in underwear with only 9 percent of women choosing it!).
* People feel "most adventurous" talking about the color of their undies around lunchtime.
* Pink is the most popular trending in the country right now with 23 percent of responders choosing it.

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What color is trending today? We went undercover (ha, ha) and found out:
For example, as of this morning, women in New York favor purple underwear!
* Ladies in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Boston love pink undies!
* Blue is color of choice for women in Austin and Miami.

Why do you think New Yorkers are loving purple undies right now and the ladies of Austin prefer blue ones? Aren't you a little curious to see what's happening in your city? Check out undercovercolor.com and report back here on what's trending where you live!

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