Dogs Gone Gaga

We've often said that only Lady Gaga can pull off some of the outfits she wears. Well, we were wrong. These canine models rock red lace, wigs, and telephone hats just as well as the singer. One difference: the Lady doesn't cover the paparazzi in drool like these pups did to photographer Jesse Freidin. Plus: Check out these Lady Gaga pics you won't see anywhere else.

And P.S. No dogs were harmed during this shoot. In fact, they got extra love and treats.


We love the attention to detail (slightly see-through lace, tuft of blond hair), but we understand why the face-covering fabric was nixed. After all, a pup wearing a headpiece and dress has gotta be placated with treats. Which celeb had the most wacky fashion makeover?


Know the phrase, "Why does a dog wear balls? Because he can."
Find out what Cosmo got Lady Gaga to confess!


Wonder if it's hard for this little monster to tweet as much as Gaga does without opposable thumbs... Wanna see what happened behind the scenes at this photo shoot? Watch this video.


Now that is a Poker Face. This pooch knows how to have a sexy hair day.


How does this golden retriever handle the pup-a-razzi ? By wearing shades and sticking out his tongue at them. Check out pics of other famous pooches.


If your dog's groomer is only bathing, drying, and clipping your pet, it's clearly time for an upgrade.

Plus: We don't believe men are dogs, but some behavior-molding techniques used on canines and other beasts can work on a guy. Here's How to Train Your Boyfriend!


This pooch tried out for the "Telephone" music video, but ultimately Gaga decided to go with another Cosmo cover girl, Beyoncé, as the other female lead. See 10 years of Cosmo covers here.


Looks like we caught her in the middle of belting out another chart-topping hit. Plus: Find out which celebs gave their stylist the day off.

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