Armani's Baby Diaper Line Is Fake, Don't Worry

A screenshot of the counterfeit website.Lanvin, Burberry, and Dior are some upscale designers known for their luxury collections for tots. So when an alleged Giorgio Armani diaper ad recently surfaced on the web, the idea wasn’t totally out of the realm of possibilities, which is why some may have assumed it was true. But do babies really need couture garb, like diapers courtesy of Giorgio Armani? Hold your tongue – because it turns out the ad is fake.

Jezebel’s recent post questioned whether or not the ad, which appeared on an alleged Giorgio Armani Russia website, was yet another ridiculous fashion effort or if it was an “artful prank.” But it looks like it’s the later, not the former.

A statement sent from Giorgio Armani to Yahoo! Shine confirmed that: “Following reports of the business activities of the e-commerce website the Armani Group wishes to emphasize its non-involvement in the initiative. The item for sale, especially in the baby section, are counterfeit, as are the photographs advertising them.”

Armani asserted that they are in no way affiliated with the sale of the $30 diapers. And Armani is taking actions to close down the site.

“No permission was ever granted in this regard by the Armani Group, who avails exclusively of its partnership with Yoox for e-commerce purposes. Legal action for the immediate closure of the website and the re-appropriation of the domain by the Armani Group has been promptly initiated.”

According to Hint Fashion Magazine, individuals received an e-mail invitation from Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week to discuss the sale of Armani diapers for Russian babies. The ad was attached in the message.

The fake Armani Russia website,, bears a similar resemblance to the real Armani Russia web address: Though it boasts seemingly professional pictures of infant clothing, accessories, and the notorious ad – with regal looking babies clad in Armani embossed cloth diapers, lounging on a fur rug, and climbing on a throne-like chair – most of the links were broken, preventing any potential purchases.

The site, which is solely in Russian, was obscure and confusing to those who visited the page, like blogger Alexandra Isenberg of Searching for Style.

“These diapers are only featured on Armani’s Russian website and not available for sale online (I totally would have bought them…not) and so I wasn’t able to read what it says, nor click through to find a price,” Isenberg wrote on July 9. “And there is very little information to be found… so I am presuming this is some crazy licensed product that only the (crazy) Russian market is interested in.”

“Who knows… maybe one of my Russian readers can enlighten me on what the site says, because the only thing I can read is “When only the best is good enough.” and that makes me want to vomit,” Isenberg posted.