Double-Duty Beauty - New Uses for What You Already Have

Be a beauty maverick and find new ways to use your current beauty products. Not only will you cut back on space in your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet, you'll never be in a beauty pinch again!

Solid Perfumes

Nothing is worse than a leaky perfume that smells great until it leaks all over your bag. A solid perfume multitasks as a cuticle balm and also tames flyways. Try these Clinique Happy-to-Go perfume pencils.

Super Lathering Shampoo

Leave your shaving cream at home and lather up with an inexpensive super-hydrating shampoo. Plus, if you leave it behind in your hotel room, you won't be kicking yourself all the way home.


Forgot your blush? Don't panic! You can use your favorite hue of lipstick to solve this issue. Using your finger, lightly dab color from your lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks. It may not give you that allover color you love, but it will prevent you from looking washed-out in pictures. Try a creamy pink shade like Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick in Sweet.

Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline has been addressing all of our beauty qualms for years. Cosmopolitan advises to comb petroleum jelly lightly through the tips of eyelashes to get a sexy, subtle sparkle, while editor Colleen Moody uses the magical substance on her eyelids. "It gives my eyes an instant uplift, brightens my entire face without any makeup, and doubles as lip gloss!"

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