Dreams Come True: We Learned to Dance like Beyoncé

By Refinery29

A few of us R29 editors have a common dream - we want to dance just like Beyoncé. So far, busting out moves on a Friday night and practicing the body roll in our living rooms hasn't landed us a professional back-up dancer gig. But, we may have found our in: We teamed up with James Alsop - one of Beyoncé's fiercest choreographers and the man behind the moves for "Run The World (Girls)," the '13 Super Bowl performance, and Bey's upcoming tour - for a personal dance class.

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Watch on as our own Annie, Gina, and Willow, with the guidance of our dance captain (and intern), Samm, pick up - or at least mostly pick up - Queen B's killer choreography. Next stop: the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. After all, life is but a dream, right?

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