How to Dress like a French Girl

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Paris Fashion Week is mostly about the runway shows and the street style outside of the runway shows. But it's when you take a moment to look at what the city's "real girls" are wearing-the university students, graphic designers, and moms who have nothing to do with fashion-that real moments of inspiration occur. These 10 fantastic looks are all over the streets of Paris right now. And you don't have to be an editor-or spend a fortune-to get them.

Grey Jeans: Thanks to Paris Vogue editor-in-chief Emanuelle Alt, grey skinny jeans are still a requisite in every French woman's wardrobe. Wear them with pointy black pumps.

Sparkly Sweater: The French are not afraid to wear spangly tops during the day. The trick is to tone it down by keeping everything else neutral.

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Oversized Blazer: Try to find a tweedy vintage one.

Flat Boots: You don't see platform heels around these parts. Women prefer short, flat boots. More sensible.

Moto Jackets:
Classic black or brown is the only way to go.

Wedge Sneakers
: These are equally as popular as flat boots, if not more so. Thank you, Isabel Marant.

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Kohl Eyeliner
: The more, the smudgier, the better.

Ballet Flats
: In Paris, they're still more popular than driving moccasins.

Collarless Wool Coats: Wear it big and loose, draped over your skinny jeans and slinky tops.

Long Pleated Skirts: Good with all those other slouchy staples.

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