Dress the Part: "American Hustle" and the 70s Style of 5 Other Films

Photo by: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
American Hustle
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Thu, Dec 12, 2013 11:55 AM EST
Patricia Garcia

Sequins, lamé, Bradley Cooper's perm-if you've watched the American Hustle trailer, the mere sight of Oscar-nominated actors Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Cooper, and Jeremy Renner in glamorous '70s getups is enough to have you running to a theater come Friday. A direct reaction to the counter-cultural hippie fashion of the previous decade, the seventies, specifically the outlandish disco era, was all about louche exuberance and unapologetic fun. Style was sexed-up, silhouettes took a turn to the exaggerated-as did heels and hemlines-and there was certainly a nouveau riche whiff in the air with all that gold and fur being paraded around. Inspired by Lawrence's sparkling halter dresses, Adams's plunging necklines, and even Bale's flared three-piece suits in David O. Russell's latest movie, we took a nostalgic look at other films that showcased the magic of disco fashion in all of its go-for-broke glory.

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