Drop Crotch Pants: Most Unflattering Trend Ever?

There are a few burning questions that keep me up at night: What is the true meaning of life?; How can we ever achieve world peace?; and Why on earth do celebrities keep wearing drop crotch pants? Seriously, what is the deal? It makes sense if you're Aladdin, and sure, MC Hammer kinda pulled it off, but other than that … who does this style look good on? Even the name "drop crotch" sounds unflattering. (Crotches aren't meant to be dropped.)

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When drop crotch skinny jeans (see here) came out earlier this year, we figured they were just a brief fad, destined to fade away after 15 minutes. But shockingly the saggy diaper trend didn't die. If anything, it's experienced a resurgence of sorts. Let's take a look at some of the most recent offenders.

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No. 1: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wore red leather drop crotch pants to the Much Music Awards earlier this week. While he's looked much (much) better, we have a feeling the Biebs could wear a Gaga-style meat dress and still have a harem of hysterical tween girls at his heels.

No. 2: Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo performed on "American Idol" in sparkly drop crotch pants that may just be the droopiest crotch we've ever seen. This proves that you can't throw on some sequins and assume that makes an outfit chic. A dropped crotch is still a dropped crotch.

No. 3: Jennifer Aniston

OK, so wearing dropped crotch pants on stage during a performance is kind of forgivable, but what excuse does Jennifer Aniston have? She wore these saggy, sad jeans to the airport earlier this month. We've heard of wanting extra legroom when traveling, but extra crotch room? Hmm

No. 4: Rihanna

Now we're getting somewhere. Rihanna almost did the unthinkable and made drop crotch pants look cute by pairing them with a black crop top, leopard flats and a sleek clutch. But still … even with all the chic accessories our eyes still go straight to the crotch. And that is an issue.

Now you tell me: Would you ever wear drop crotch pants? Do you want this trend die? Discuss below.

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