Dumb and offensive t-shirt line of the day: UNIF

We're tired of stupid t-shirt slogans. Photo courtesy of Urban OutfittersWe're tired of stupid t-shirt slogans. Photo courtesy of Urban OutfittersThis is the week of moronic t-shirt designs. First JCPenney was reprimanded for and eventually pulled a shirt that read: "I'm too pretty to do my homework so my brother has to do it for me." Right, we forgot that girls aren't academic and spend their days playing with dolls and brushing their hair. Ugh.

A new UNIF brand t-shirt currently being sold at Urban Outfitters is not much better. The cutely pink-sleeved raglan tee features a bear hugging a heart that reads: "I will cheat on you." Well, um, thanks for sharing.

Really though, who is this shirt aimed at? College girls who the brand urges to be promiscuous? Young ladies looking for a passive-aggressive way to break up with their boyfriends? Women who will get a whole lot of inappropriate attention for wearing it? Oh, and the ironic price of a t-shirt that encourages libertine behavior: $69.

This UNIF tee rubs us the wrong way. Photo courtesy of unifclothing.comThis UNIF tee rubs us the wrong way. Photo courtesy of unifclothing.comWe hate this shirt. In fact, we're gonna go out on a limb and say we hate the UNIF clothing brand. After hunting around we found that they make a number of other offensive and stupid shirts. Another tee on the Urban Outfitters website reads: "Hell is so hot right now" in an upside-down cross. An even worse one says "OFFENDID" with the Fs forming a mock-swastika. The item claims to be anti-racist, but that's not how we feel when we see it. Another ignorant UNIF design touts the phrase: "Eat a Dick" with the D in the signature Disney font, and the design promises to offend everyone. We know what we won't be buying.

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