The Easiest Way to Celebrate No-Shave November

No-Shave November (also known as "Novembeard") is a time-honored tradition, but you can celebrate without looking like Paul Bunyan all month long. A cheeky 'stache on a stick lets you join in the fun and still clean up for dinner. Bonus: Instant disguise or conversation starter. Can your beard do that, Paul?

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Tools and Materials
Wire hanger
Wire cutters and pliers
Seam binding
Fabric glue
Mustache templates
Craft knife
Quarter yard of fake fur in black, brown, or reddish blonde
Hair paste
Hair spray

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1. Using wire cutters, create an L-shape from a wire hanger that has a 13-inch long segment and 3-inch short segment.

2. Twist seam binding around wire all the way to the end. Glue end of seam binding in place with fabric glue.

3. Print mustache templates and trace onto chipboard. Cut mustache shape from chipboard.

4. Glue hanger piece onto chipboard mustache.

5. Squeeze fabric glue onto the side of the chipboard mustache where the wire is attached. Place mustache, glue side down, onto the back of a piece of fake fur, sandwiching the wire between the fur and the chipboard. Place a heavy object on top and allow to dry for 10 minutes.

6. Trim fake fur around mustache shape. Cut only through the supporting weave of the fake fur. Brush off excess fibers.

7. Use hair paste and a toothbrush to style the mustache. Set with hair spray.

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