East Coast Snowpocalypse slows New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week officially kicks off today and, due to the massive amount of snow dumped on the city in the past few days, things are getting off to a rather slow start. Several shows have been postponed, and some have been canceled altogether, as designers, models, makeup artists, and stylists all scramble to pull together presentations when getting from point A to point B is a massive inconvenience.

"It has definitely been a huge stress for us," says Seventh House PR/Showroom Seven's Matt Kays. "[Designer Sartel's] is the second presentation we have had to postpone." Keys explains that a huge issue has been that it's next to impossible to reschedule anything during Fashion Week, "You have so many [scheduling] obstacles because everyone is using the same models, locations, and hair and makeup teams."

Another snow-related Fashion Week problem has been air travel. With hundreds of flights delayed and canceled, out-of-town models booked for shows and international guests-including many celebrities and top fashion editors-expected in the coveted assigned seats at Bryant Park, have all been racing to make it into town. Still, these inconveniences are minor compared to the biggest stumbling block designers have faced so far: Many last-minute packages carrying runway clothes and accessories have failed arrive. Without them, the show actually can't can't go on.

As for today's audience attendance, several fashion news outlets are reporting a smaller-than-usual turnout in the tents. New York Magazine's "The Cut" blog witnessed loads of empty seats at usually packed shows and called this an "upside to the snowstorm."

The industry is also mourning the loss of one of its most beloved members, 40-year-old designer Alexander McQueen, who was found dead in his London home this morning of an apparent suicide. His McQ show, scheduled for 3pm today, has been canceled.
Sources: NYMag, WWD