Ebay in reverse: My perfect new, not-old dress

Though there are far more important things to think about and put my energy into, I've been pathetically fixated on a small retail calamity that occurred last week. I lost a dress that I really, really wanted on eBay. It was a black, gorgeously tailored, cowlneck sweater dress that looked seriously expensive but was actually super-cheap (it eventually sold for $26; I'd bid up to $25. D'oh!). I had, as usual, pinned all sorts of style hopes on this piece: My new dress and I were going to attend parties and special lunches and an array of cold-weather events all through the season. When I lost it on Thursday, I was actually bummed for the rest of the afternoon, like a kid who lost her favorite toy. Anyway, I went to H&M on Saturday and there it was, almost the exact same shape in black, except lighter-weight, almost crochet, and not (I imagine) as itchy--and for $30. Though you can't purchase this item online, trust me, it's there. You can also choose gray or light purple.

Check out more sweater dress options that will take you stylishly through the fall/winter seasons.

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