Exclusive! Selena Gomez Dishes on Designing Her Very First Adidas Neo Collection

by Julia Rubin

Selena Gomez may be America's sweetheart, but she's a globetrotting one-sometimes you have to travel halfway around the world to catch up with the in-demand megastar. So off to Berlin we went to hang out with the perennial Teen Vogue girl, whose insane schedule is only going to get crazier thanks to the kickoff of her 56-city world tour next month.

Back in October, Selena gave us the scoop on her role as an Adidas Neo spokesperson (right on the heels of on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber's announcement about his partnership with the teen-focused brand), but now she's switching over to designer mode.

Fall marks her very first collection for Neo, and it's an assemblage of clothing and accessories that live up to the range's "Rock Chic" name. "For this round that's launching now, there's a bit of an edge," she explained as models paraded out in looks that would surely shake up any back-to-school wardrobe. "There are a lot of darker pieces with just a few a pops of color and some cute studding." Indeed black is the prominent hue, while metal embellishments dot denim, leggings, bags, sneakers, and more. "It's hard but feminine at the same time."

Selena presented her goods while wearing some of her favorite made-by-me pieces-studded shorts, a slouchy cutout sweater, and wedge sneakers with pink Adidas socks peeking out from the top-but maintained her signature humility. "This is so awkward with pictures of me everywhere!" she exclaimed upon seeing campaign images blown up and mounted on the walls. "The shoes have my name really small on the side because I don't want it to be too obnoxious," she said of her just-understated-enough footwear. This should come as no surprise: The self-described former tomboy is known for her coolly casual star-off-duty style and classic red carpet choices ("It's like prom every time!"), which keep her perpetually on best-dressed lists.

But that's not to say she's not down for a little fashion fun. "I started dancing a lot for my upcoming tour, and I've been into super drop-crotch pants," she said. A bit of Bieber influence, perhaps? We'll probably never know since Selena is famously tight-lipped about her relationship, but either way, the statement bottoms make an appearance in her Adidas Neo oeuvre. "I think they're really comfortable and cute, and the gold zipper makes them more stylish."

Not your thing? There are dozens and dozens of styles to choose from-the preternaturally polite star just wants you to do your own thing. "I wear my clothes the way I wear them, and I want to inspire teens to wear the collection the way they want to wear it. It's their choice to feel confident," she emphasized. The advice doesn't stop there. Though she's humble to the core, Selena is well aware of her status as a role model. "It's such an incredible feeling, but I'm just going through life and trying to figure out what I want to do. I'm not perfect in any way. I make mistakes, I do things I shouldn't do-I have!-but I want to be the best person I can possibly be. That's all I want girls to know: Be you and love that." And it surely doesn't hurt to do it in cool Selena-approved kicks.

Click through to see Selena's debut collection for Adidas Neo!

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