Eyebrow Shapes: The Good, the Bad & the Crazy!

Are your eyebrows more bushy than bold? More angry than arched? Find out how to determine the fine line between good and bad brows.

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Remember when your mother refused to let you pluck your eyebrows because she claimed that you were too young? Your bushy brows probably made you look even more awkward in an already uncomfortable pre-teen phase that may or may not have also included braces and bad skin. Fast forward to the first time you plucked, threaded or waxed, and you most likely instantly looked ten times more mature and put together.

We all know the importance of a good brow shape. Angles and arches can instantly frame your face, giving your features a more balanced look. However, what happens when brows are neglected, overly plucked, or start transforming into one single line of hair across your forehead? The unpleasant results are below in our-- The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy: Eyebrow Edition.

The Good:

1. Naturally Thick
Thinner isn't always better-- take Brooke Shields and Hilary Rhoda, for example. Much of Shields' stunning beauty can be attributed to her dark, full brows. Model Hilary Rhoda is also well-known for her thick brows, which frame her piercing blue eyes. While we don't want to credit all of the two stars' successes to their brows-- we have to wonder-- would these two be where they are today if they had ever gotten a little tweezer happy?

2. Beautiful and Bold

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The days of the pencil thin, barely-there eyebrow are gone-- finally! With the latest trend of bold eyebrows, the daily brow touch up is a thing of the past. Beyonce and Jennifer Connelly know how to work their statement brows. With the popularity of aggressive shoulders, black leather, and spiky embellishments, why not coordinate your brows to go with your daring ensemble?

3. Perfectly Arched

Achieving the perfect arch is a tricky undertaking. Arched brows are the easiest way to frame your face and give you a softer, more feminine look. Megan Fox and Rachel Bilson are perfect examples-- with beautifully shaped brows that have just the right amount of curve. Don't take it too far, or you risk the unpleasant results of an overly arched brow-- details are below.

The Bad

1. Uni-Brow

When it comes to eyebrows, there is a reason the word is plural-- there should be two. At some point in our lives, we have all been guilty of putting off those much needed waxing appointments-- but there is never an excuse to reach this level of eyebrow negligence. Although the images of a model from a Galliano show and Salma Hayek (portraying artist Frida Khalo) aren't technically real-life examples of uni-brows, it doesn't make them any less unattractive.

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2. Bushy Brow

While we adore thick eyebrows, there is a fine line between sporting bold and beautiful brows and looking like Sandy Cohen from The O.C. Susan Boyle may have hit it big, but there was a reason (or two) that the Britain's Got Talent judges were so surprised when they first heard her fair and pretty voice-- her bushy brows. Another pair of unsightly eyebrows belong to Madonna-- circa 1984. Thankfully, both have gotten their acts together and can put their unruly eyebrow days behind them.

3. Overly-Arched Brow

Ok, this is when things can get pretty hairy-- pun intended. We have condemned bushy brows and praised perfectly arched brows, so we give Fergie and Pink an A for effort. However, we have to rank their eyebrows an F. The too thin, overly-arched look distracts from their beautiful faces. So, put the tweezers down before it's too late-- it's much easier to correct a full brow than a skinny one.

The Crazy:

1. Spiky Brow

We can't say we'd ever personally sport this trend, but we also can't say that we hate it either. If you're in the mood to try something crazy, why not add a little edge to your brow? You can get the look by penciling in spikes, mimicking the models in Erin Wasson's show, or go against gravity and brush your brows up, as shown by Doutzen Kroes at Prada (above).

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2. Bleached Brows

We bleach our upper lip hair, so it was only a matter of time before someone got bored and started bleaching other areas of facial hair. We have to say that we would totally run to the drugstore to buy a packet of hair bleach if we lived in a fashion editorial. Sadly, we don't-- so instead, we think we'll stick to living vicariously through Givenchy ad models and those on Lanvin's runway, perhaps the only two places where bleached brows are acceptable.

3. Colored Brows

What do you do when you're looking a little washed out? Why, dye your eyebrows in a neon hue of course-- well, at least that's what the models at the Manish Arora and Balenciaga shows did. For those of us who opt for blush to give our complexions some color, we definitely think this look should remain on the catwalk and off the sidewalk.

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