Update Your Facebook Status … with Your Jeans

Attention all you Facebook addicts, we've got the perfect pair of jeans for you. Italian denim label Replay is debuting a line of jeans in December called the "Social Denim Collection" that comes with Facebook and Twitter capabilities built in. This means your pants can now update your Facebook status for you.

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How does this work, exactly? Each pair of jeans comes with an extra fifth pocket that contains a Bluetooth-connected transmitter. Simply slide your smartphone into the pocket, and then use a series of buttons to update your location or current mood to Facebook and Twitter without ever having to exhaust yourself by taking your phone out of your pocket.

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These social media jeans raise many questions: Is it really that hard to just take out your iPhone and update your Facebook status? Why do your pants have to do all the hard work for you? And what's next? A bra that can update your Tumblr? Or a belt that's linked to your Gmail account?

What do you think? Are these "Social Denim" jeans a cool idea? Or ridiculous?

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