Do you know what to wear this fall or winter well here are some glamorous tips.

#1. First you want to be in style go with a jaket vest with some colorful leggings.WELL here are some colorful leggings. LeggingsPink Chicken Fiona Faux Fur Vest

#2. Be unique add a little you to every thing have a lovely leafy evening gown to flatter the cutest of guys.A colorful dress is a party pleaser!

use a little red and wear a flower clip

#3. Buy some wine glasses and put out napkin wrapped silver wear. Have a dinner party with a few friends. Bake a nice chicken salad or use some of my recipes at the bottom.A table ready for ThanksgivingChicken salad

#4 hopefully you stayed till the end because here is the easiest part just throw on a dress and go out with some friends and have a good time.Communicate with lots of people to expand your horizons.

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by : Chaisy Addis

here is a recipe for a cucumber salad:
first cut a cucumber into thin slices and brown them in a pan with some vinegar. Next fry some onions and cut however you want. Then serve in a large bowl with some Italian sauce.