Falling Out of Love: 3 Ways to Avoid Wedding Dress Regret

By Mandy Chan, Lover.ly

This doesnt just happen with wedding gowns- as women, in general (or maybe it's just me?), we tend to do this with things like shoes, accessories, jeans...even home decor. We find something we ABSOLUTELY LOVE, buy it and then continue to browse or window shop and then it happens: we find something that we think we like better than our original choice. Its maddening! With wedding gowns potentially costing more than a month's salary these days, having dress regret can cost you. Literally. Here are three ways to avoid dress regret and stay in love with your gown.

1. Don't Continue to Browse!
Obviously, this is a given. But you wouldn't believe how hard it is to just keep browsing gowns online. The lace, the beads, the dupioni silk...it sucks you in and before you know it, it's 3:00 in the morning and you've pinned an entire board's worth of just trumpet style gowns. Ladies: you've got to walk away (or close that browser!). Chances are, you'll just compare every "new" dress to the one you've already purchased and nothing will measure up. After all, there's a reason you chose your dress in the first place!

Photo by: Sweet Little Photographs on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

2. NEVER buy your dress before you choose your venue!
You've found the perfect plain, white sheath and can already see yourself walking barefoot down the sandy beach aisle. You've planned the perfect coral accessories and already know you'll be carrying a simple bouquet of white orchids. Fast forward a few months and you find yourself putting a deposit down at a hotel ballroom...and suddenly, that simple beach sheath simply won't do. You see yourself in a dramatic ballgown with a sweetheart neckline and a long, cathedral length veil. If possible, try to book your venue first, or at least narrow down the type of venue you want (or is in your budget) before you go dress shopping.

Photo by: Sweet Little Photographs on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

3. Don't be fooled by pushy sales people.
Dress shopping can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding! For most of us, it's the first time we've seen ourselves in a big fancy dress, standing in front of a large mirror with sales people and friends just gushing about our beauty. Talk about a natural high! But, oh no! The dress you've got on is on sale and discontinued and the sales person reminds you, again, that if you don't buy it right then, that it won't be available. It's the last one. And you look so beautiful in it. If you aren't 100% sure about the dress yourself, or if it's the first salon you've visted and want to make sure it's "the one" before you commit to buying something, then that's OK. The sales person might tell you differently, but always trust your gut.

Photo by: Sweet Little Photographs on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

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