Fall's in the Air: What to Stock Up on Now!

Fall is a wonderful season filled with outdoor football games, tailgates and chili, movies with blankets, art fairs with wine and starting indoor projects the summer forgot. As the season progresses though, our arms begin to chill and our toes need a warm cover. Fall is a time to nestle in. Take a moment to relax before gathering leaves that have fallen from the trees and stock up on the items you will be glad you have when the air turns cool and the wind picks up.

Long Sleeves:
A staple for the cooler temperatures. I am always shocked when I see those out in short sleeves this time of year. The day may be warm but when night falls, the air turns bitingly quick. When you find a brand and cut perfect for your shape, stock up. Don't just buy one or two colors. Purchase at least four because you will wish you had when the middle of the season draws near and you want to kick yourself for not listening to your intuition when you came across this cut from the get go.
Must Have Colors of the Season:

  • Teal
  • Raspberry
  • Mustard
  • Red

Skinny Jeans:
Some wish this trend would die off but from my vantage point, this trend will take its time breathing it's last breath. They look great with boots tucked in or flats. When trying on, make sure the leg fit is tight but the waist area is not. No need to restrain a muffin top. Make sure your skin fits inside of the waist band and you can move comfortably in the fabric.
Must Have Colors of the Season:
  • White
  • Black
  • Dark Wash

Rain Gear:
The weather is unpredictable this time of the year. No need to be stuck cold and wet when a cool rain pops up. Adding a splash of color and pattern with funky rain boots is fun but for outings where you haven't planned on rocking those boots, stash a ankle high boot in your car or in a shoulder bag. Also keep a lightweight rain-resistant jacket with you. Make sure the jacket provides wind and rain protection.
Another staple that has been taking over the fall scene for the last couple of years, but leggings are versatile too and this makes them a great buy. You can layer leggings for added warmth. They can also be added underneath jeans for when you are heading out for long periods of time in the elements. Choose a variety of colors to play with in your wardrobe.
Warmth is vital in fall. When you are warm it seems you are happier. Preparing for your outdoor adventures comes down to socks though. Making sure your feet are warm will make you happy. Stock up on many kinds. Lightweight socks are great for those days it is not so chilly but can be layered for other occasions. You can also add underneath wool socks for those evenings curled on the couch catching up on your shows.

Enjoy the season before the weather turns bitter. Take inventory on your wardrobe and stock up on those you are in need of. Enjoy the crisp leaves of fall, the outdoor games and the warmth of a scrumptious bowl of chili but be warm.