Fashion that Makes Us Sad: Rebellious Heels

Prada's new smoking lips heels. Photo courtesy of NordstromWe've heard of statement heels, but the latest stilettos might be saying a little too much. Last week we saw celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model wearing Christian Louboutin's Sex heels. The five inch pumps literally spell out "SEX" in crystals across the toes. As if either of those famous ladies need to drill that message home. We're guessing they'll only wear the attention-grabbing heels once but they cost a whopping $1,395 on and Net-a-Porter.

Then today we saw Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge debut her new Prada "Lips" sandals, which feature hot pink lips smoking a cigarette on the toes. There's even a little leather puff of smoke coming out. "I love Prada for doing this smoking lips shoe," Aldridge wrote on her blog. "It's for girls who just don't care anymore...haha! Very disco."

Very stupid, we think. Who wants their toes to smoke a cigarette? Or fashionable items that endorse smoking in general? We found them on Nordstrom and Saks and they'll set you back $890 for the heels or $590 for similar flat slides. A steep price for "girls who just don't care."

The latest stilettos speak their minds. Photo courtesy of Christian Louboutin Would you ever make this kind of statement with your shoes?

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