Fashion that makes us sad: confused Miu Miu cutout heels

Miu Miu heels, courtesy of Miu Miu heels, courtesy of Prada has produced a few pairs of ugly shoes this season, including the Marge Simpson-esque shoe boots and the three-in-one "must-have" creepers that make our heads explode. But designer Miuccia Prada is clearly on a role, because these new Miu Miu lace-up cutout leather heels, are an equally hideous Frankenshoe.

The front of the shoe looks like your average pump. We can even deal with the gold buckled mid-section, though we're not loving it. But then you reach the back of the shoe and all rhyme or reason is thrown out the window. Oh, Miuccia. You are playing a practical joke on us (just like Louis Vuitton) aren't you?! Or maybe you didn't mean to attach a blindingly electric neon boot to the back of these heels. It was a mistake in the factory, right? Because you couldn't possibly want to stack these three colors side-by-side or expect women to enjoy lacing and buckling up these hideous shoe boots. Especially not for the price of $950.

These are currently being sold on where they are called "the ultimate in party footwear." Hmm, we think not.

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