Fashion that makes us sad: Hermes apple bag

The Hermes apple purse.The Hermes apple purse.This season fruit-inspired fashion is dominating the racks and the runways. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so the saying goes. But did you know that if you save one dollar a day for an entire year you could buy the Hermes apple purse?

Yes folks, this $365 green lambskin apple bag is part of the new Hermes "Travel the World" collection, and it is designed to carry one single apple. Apples come in many sizes, but hopefully you could find a fruit that fits. The metal-lined bag also comes with a knife to help you cut off slices of a crisp Granny Smith.

Why store your apple in a boring brown paper bag when you could tote your fruit in a luxurious leather apple purse slung over your shoulder? Why put your apple in your regular purse? Now you can also carry a second purse that shows the world exactly what you're eating! OR... why spend $365 on a stupid purse shaped like an apple when you could buy several apple trees for the same price?!

Is it just us, or are fancy designer items becoming more absurd and frivolous every day?

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