Fashion that makes us sad: pants with a heart-shaped butt cutout

Photo by Thom Kerr for Elliot Ward-FearPhoto by Thom Kerr for Elliot Ward-FearThe photo pretty much says it all. These pink, furry, pants with a heart-shaped butt hole were created by 22-year-old Australian designer, Elliot Ward-Fear, as part of his Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

A few quick thoughts:

  1. They remind us of My Little Ponies in a warped way that makes us feel weird and sad.
  2. There's no way you could actually wear these in public (please, no one try).
  3. Butt tan.
  4. Butt draft.
Remember that whole thongs-peeking-out-of-your-low-rise-jeans trend? So gross. Butt cleavage has never been a good thing. [Frockwriter]

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