Fashion that makes us sad: The $600 'Where the Wild Things Are' playsuit

File this one under: Things I will never understand. Slick, high-fashion retailer Opening Ceremony is currently selling this plush, monster-inspired, adult playsuit for $610. It's part of the international boutique's collaboration with "Where the Wild Things Are" director Spike Jonze, a collection that also includes Flintstone-esque furry vests ($415), horn-adorned sweatshirts ($460), and a fluffy, faux-fur cavegirl dress ($460).

From the press release:
"The line features a full range of faux fur pieces for both men and women, subtly evoking Max's crew of wild friends...The line even includes Max's iconic one-piece playsuit - complete with furry-eared hood and raccoon tail."

Really? Can anyone explain to me how/why any grown-ass human would want to dress up as a stuffed animal? Is this a nod to the Furry/Plushy sex fetish phenomenon? Or just as completely lame/misguided/"rich hipsters will waste their money on anything" as I'm imagining?