Fashion that makes us sad: the million-dollar dress

Fashion IndieFashion IndieSometimes it's fun to play the "what would you buy if you won the lottery" game. A fancy fashion purchase like a Chanel bag or Manolos might be up there. Perhaps a trip to an exotic location, or maybe even a small piece of property there. Homes or cars for your parents, and education for your kids would probably rank high on the "to buy" list. Whatever your desires, we bet you wouldn't put every dime towards one item, right?

A man in the UK recently won 2 million euros in the lottery, and gave half of his winnings to his daughter. She took the cash and had a dress made that literally had every bill stitched into it. Hence the million-dollar (well, million-euro, which actually is more money these days) dress. You know, for that much money you'd hope you could get a more wearable garment, or at least a matching clutch to go with it.

Seriously, can you think of any worse possible thing to do with all this money? it seems the curse of the lottery lives on! [Fashion Indie]