Fashion that makes us sad: Tory Burch’s $325 bajas would bring a tear to Spiccoli's eye

Tory Burch and Tory Burch and Who remembers bajas, the Mexican hoodies with kangaroo pockets in the front? They were huge in the past amongst surfers, skateboarders, and hippie types (they referred to them as "drug rugs"), but how well would they fair amongst the masses today? Apparently designer Tory Burch thinks they're ready for a high-end revival.

We'd like to give props to our friends over at SheFinds for bringing the Anthony Hoodie to our attention. For $325 you too can be the proud owner of a a baja that Jeff Spiccoli of "Fast Times of Ridgemont High" would consider pretty far out, man. But whoaaa, 300 bucks? That's totally freaking gnarly!

We were surprised to see that Tory Burch ditched the logo nameplate off her signature ballet flats this season, but bringing slacker gear like bajas to high end retail is jarring. Looking for affordable bajas? You can find similar styles here for $24.

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