Animal Headpiece? Fashion Inspired by the Muppets

While the movie doesn't open for a few more days (Nov. 23, to be exact), celebs and designers have already jumped on the Muppets bandwagon. Now, it takes a lot to shock us (we barely batted an eye at these extreme Lady Gaga get-ups), but we think people are starting to get a little too nuts. Here are some of the craziest muppet fashions we've found, care of designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac:

1. Lady Gaga in a Kermit jacket

We guess this is the muppet equivalent of a fur coat.

2. Katy Perry in a Muppet dress

Another gimmicky winner: her Smurf look.

3. A Kermit dress with a furry Kermit hat

There's something kind of chic about the hat.

4. An Animal headpiece

Just imagine the hat hair. (You'll definitely need our 12 Ways to Beat Hat Hair guide.)

5. An Animal shift dress

Love the sparkle. This one's actually wearable.

6. An Animal muff with a Kermit necklace

Kermit's seen much better days. For accessories a normal person might actually wear, check out these DIY ideas.

7. Animal pouf skirt

We think this might look cuter turned around for a Muppet butt effect.

What do you think? Would you ever wear any of these Muppet looks? Any theories as to why they're so obsessed with Animal? Leave your comments below.

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