Our Favorite Candle This Winter Smells Like...Tomatoes?

by Catherine Q. O'Neill

John MannoJohn Manno

There's a candle on my desk that I. Cannot. Stop. Smelling. Seriously, I want to put one in every room of my house and light them all at once. (If my landlord is reading this: don't worry, I won't actually do that.) But here's the strange part: this candle doesn't smell like vanilla, amber, or Frasier fur. It smells like tomatoes.

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Green Tomato Leaf is just one of the four candles in Charlotte Stockdale's line for Jo Malone London. The devastatingly cool stylist (she's best friends with Azzedine Alaia, regularly consults for Karl Lagerfeld, and works with every major photographer in the business) wanted to create something that reminded her, she said, of "my mother and her greenhouse and my childhood." And yes, if you're wondering, it does smell like a tomato plant--but with musky and sweet notes that make it a cool, complex scent for indoors. To me, it brings me back to those first special dates at "our spot," an Italian restaurant my boyfriend and I frequent in New York City. And trust me, it will transport you somewhere important too. Because, as hard as it is to explain, this candle doesn't just smell good--it takes you somewhere good. "It's peace and contentment," explains Stockdale. And that is why I can't stop smelling it.

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