Feeling Depressed about $ 25 Designer Jeans

This weekend I bought a pair of designer jeans - normally $250 - for $25. And, I can't say I am happy about it.

I had been eyeing the jeans for a while, but couldn't justify the expense. $250 just didn't seem right for a pair of jeans...

So, when they were $25, I quickly grabbed them.

From a rack with dozens of jeans, all $25.

From a store that is going out of business.

From a salesperson who was chatting with her fellow worker while I tried on the jeans about dropping her health insurance now that she won't have a job.

Who was thinking about moving back home with her parents.

From a chic avenue where its seems every week a new store is shutting down.

Today, we saw a beautiful house on the market for a great price. A fire sale to avoid a foreclosure. Looks like the people have been living there for years. Its a beautiful home, somewhere where kids probably have great memories. From the photos in the house and the decorated rooms, kids who are still in elementary or junior high school.

I could not think of buying that house. Bad karma. Too much guilt ...

So as the economy suffers, what do we do with all this emotional baggage. Take the deal and feel good about. Do our part by putting money back into the system, and avoid the guilt, the stories, the people?

What, pray tell, do I do with my new pair of expensive designer jeans?

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