Fifty-seven percent of women would rather dump their partners than go without makeup

Is makeup more important than your relationship? Photo by ThinkstockIs makeup more important than your relationship? Photo by ThinkstockMany women are addicted to makeup to ensure they always look their best. In fact, last year, a U.S. study found that women spend $13,000 on makeup over the course of their lives. That sounded like a lot of money to us, but a new poll of 2,200 women by Bionsen deodorant found the average to be much higher. They reported that women spend over $164,000 on makeup before they die. (The study broke that down to about $65 a week.) How can that seriously be the AVERAGE? We refuse to believe these high-priced stats, but here's the breakdown of the new survey:

  • The average woman has 54 cosmetic items in her arsenal
  • 67 percent of women valued their makeup collection at $900, while 10 percent said their stash was worth $1,150
  • The average women keeps over $200 worth of products in her makeup bag
  • 56 percent of women were "unconcerned" about shelling out over $30 for designer mascara
If those stats aren't startling enough, we found this one to be the most disconcerting: 57 percent of women would rather dump their partner than go without makeup. Say what?! Does this mean women place insignificant value on their relationships, or that we lack the confidence or desire to ever be seen without a face of makeup? Either option is depressing to us.

We're surveying Shiners and hoping for different results. Would you rather have your makeup than your man? Answer our poll and weigh in in the comments below!

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