FINALLY! Use This Glitter-Specific Base Coat for Your NYE Mani

by Alexandra Samuel

courtesy photocourtesy photo

New Year's Eve totally make me want to overload on glitter-based, crazy glam nail art (I've been planning a mani along the lines of Ke$ha's American Music Awards look since she rocked it.)

Buuuuut peeling it off the morning after (because you know we'll forget our Elmer's Glue trick, especially if we're on the road.) is almost as bad as the inevitable hangover. The peeling, soaking, buffing, scrubbing mess that is usually removing glitter can't be good for your nails -- even though it's just so freaking pretty.

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To the rescue? OPI's awesome new Glitter Off Base Coat, which is my new shiny, sparkly BFF.

Here's the deal: You paint on a thin layer like you would any other base coat, then rock your glitter mani per usual. When you're ready to ditch the sparkle, flick up an edge of the polish and peel it off. Yeah. It's as easy as that.

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Also, this stuff is beyond awesome for darker shades that seem to stain nails no matter what (until now that is).

I mean, I wish removing makeup could be that easy, right?

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