Finally—Secrets to Curl Control!

Naturally curly hair: 65 percent of the women in this country have it, and about 90 percent of those women struggle with it. Curls are unpredictable, means that many women with beautiful curls would rather wrestle their hair into (straight) shape a with a brush and blow-dryer.

These women went all out. See their shocking hair makeovers.

It now longer has to be that way. We spoke with two Lords of the Ringlets-Ouidad of Ouidad Salon and Lorraine Massey of Devachan Salon, both in New York City-who set us straight on the curl issue. Here at last, the secretstaking control of your curls to .

Take a hair cue from Hollywood's hottest starlets.

"Curly products" exist for a reason. According to Massey, "Curly hair is naturally dehydrated. So you want to leave a little scalp sebum behind -- it's the best conditioner out there."

  • Try a non-stripping shampoo, like DevaCurl Low-Poo; the low-lather aspect (because it's sulfate-free) is strange at first, but we promise it'll clean your hair as well as any of its sudsy sisters.
  • Follow up with a rinse-out/leave-in conditioner. You want to leave a little conditioner in at the end of your shower for extra weight and frizz protection.tried: Try Kinky-Curly Knot Today, $12. Smells yummy and made my hair feel silky.
  • Rub a slightly slippery gel between your palms: "If your hands stick together, your hair will look like petrified ramen noodles," says Massey. Start with a quarter-size dollop of slippery gel, then add more as needed to coat every curl. We like Curlisto Structura Lotion, $12.
These secret weapon products will mend any hair disaster.


The hair regiment of curlistas used to go something like this: Wash, gel, scrunch, and hope for the best while waiting for it to dry. No longer. These easy steps will change your life:
  • Instead of the classic "scrunching" motion, which throws individual curls out of whack, Ouidad uses the "cup and squeeze" method: Cup the bottom of the curl in your palm, push it all the way up to your head, then squeeze when your fingers touch your scalp. Now each curl comes out boing-a-licious!
  • Use hair clips to make your curls tighter or looser than they are naturally. For tighter, wrap each damp curl around your little finger, then secure it at your scalp with a hair clip, like an old-fashioned pin curl. When hair is dry, release the clips. For looser wrap each curl around two or three fingers, then clip, dry, and release. For waves, wait until your curls are dry, then stretch and wrap hair into five small buns (a la Princess Leia) around your head. Secure with baby butterfly clips, heat with a diffuser, and release.
  • To counteract crunchy curls, rub a little paste or pomade (we like Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste, $26) between your palms and move your hands over your hair as if you're pulling it back into a ponytail. Instant crunch relief!

Do have secrets to share? Or are you a curlista who straightens? We want to know your story!

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