Fit to Print: 7 Patterned Pants for Spring

7 patterned pants for spring7 patterned pants for springFloral and printed pants are a must this spring. And contrary to popular belief, anyone can wear them. Here's a tip from FabSugar: "If you're petite, you'll want to go with a smaller pattern; if you're tall, you can get away with a bolder, large-scale design. Either way, pick a color combo that can easily blend into your current wardrobe." Whatever your size or shape, we've found 10 printed pants that are perfect for you.

Black Flower Print Trousers Black Flower Print Trousers
1. Black Flower Print Trousers
The darker base color of these comfy and cute printed trousers makes them flattering.
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Geometric Printed Trousers Geometric Printed Trousers
2. Geometric Printed Trousers
These geometric trousers have a more unisex appeal - perfect for someone afraid of floral prints.
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Beige Flower Print Trousers Beige Flower Print Trousers
3. Beige Flower Print Trousers
Because of the neutral color, these pants have more of a floral hint. You can even wear them to work.
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Floral Roll-Up Jeans Floral Roll-Up Jeans
4. Floral Roll-Up Jeans

These floral-print skinny jeans feature 5-pocket styling and a single-button closure. The small print flatters the figure.
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Gray Floral Cropped Skinny Jeans Gray Floral Cropped Skinny Jeans
5. Gray Floral Cropped Skinny Jeans
This ain't your mama's floral print! These cropped floral skinny jeans are neutral and very modern-looking.
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Stiletto Floral Jeans Stiletto Floral Jeans
6. Stiletto Floral Jeans
These bright floral jeans have worn edges and mild distressing to keep them from looking dowdy. Pair them with a fitted black tee, and you're dressed.
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Tall Moto Cloral Leigh Jeans Tall Moto Cloral Leigh Jeans
7. Tall Moto Cloral Leigh Jeans
This ditsy floral print takes a classic denim wash and adds some red flower power. It's perfect for warm weather weekends.
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- By Rachelle Wilde

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