Five Guys Whose Beauty Philosophies We Can All Learn From

There are so many women whose beauty philosophies we admire, whether we're drawn to Lady Gaga's daring looks, Marilyn Monroe's soft sensuality, or Audrey Hepburn's immortal chicness. But when we're talking about people with admirable aesthetic sensibilities, there's an untapped wellspring of individuals who could be inspiring and edifying us: hot guys. I've gathered five cool, adorable dudes who have a beauty secret or two that even the girliest girl can learn from, so take a look to man up.

  • David Bowe: Really want to try something outrageous but think you could never pull it off? Let David Bowie be your guide. He's worn more makeup than your average pageant contestant, dyed and styled his hair every way imaginable, and played an alien, Andy Warhol and the Goblin King. You can get away with a lot more than you think, so you might as well give it a try. (Check out this video to get one of his looks.)
  • Justin Bieber: Don't groan. The Biebz is a testament to knowing what works for you and doing it, regardless of what other people think. Would he have gotten nearly as famous if he'd caved to Internet trolls or cut that hurricane of hair? I think not. (A nail polish deal doesn't hurt either.) So when you know something works for you, don't let haters keep you from doing what makes you happy.
  • Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee looked way hot in a suit, but most people's basic image of him doesn't include a shirt at all - just those amazing abs. Bruce recognized long before many people in Hollywood (and everywhere else) that the key to a lifetime of looking and feeling your best is physical fitness and good nutrition. People who exercise regularly and eat well tend to have healthier skin, better circulation, and less acne-causing stress.
  • Blair Underwood: Besides being just about the handsomest man since handsome was invented, Blair also knows the secret to maintaining a look that's as attractive today as it will be 10 years from now: keep it simple. The man has been wearing the same close crop and facial hair combo on and off for almost 20 years now, and it definitely still works. It can take some time and money to find a flattering cut and color that works for you, but once you have good basics to work with, it's a lot easier to look your best.
  • Johnny Depp: Think you need to look perfect (or even just clean) to be hot? Johnny Depp says no way, and he's right. Being comfortable and looking like you're having fun is a lot more important than having shiny hair or impeccably groomed brows. Plus, skipping a shower every once in a while helps keep dry skin healthy, and a little scalp sebum gives you a nice texture boost.

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