How to Fix Hat Hair Before People See Yours Looking More Matted Than an Old Neglected Barbie Doll's

by Petra Guglielmetti

Alessio Botticelli / Getty ImagesAlessio Botticelli / Getty ImagesYour knit beanie with the pom-pom sure is cute, but your hair after the hat comes off is another story. For those of you who don't have the kind of job where you can just keep your hat on all day long, here's a trick for fixing hat hair quick, before anybody even has a chance the matted, staticky mess that's under there. Duck into the ladies' room. Remove hat. Whip out the mini dry shampoo you've stashed in your bag. Lightly mist your whole head, and if your roots have gotten flat and greasy, work more into that area. Then use your fingers to tousle the dry shampoo through your hair until it's not visible and your volume is restored (if you're not too shy, flip your head over and/or stick it under the hand dryer. Mini blowout! It'll help get rid of any creases your hat left). As for static, good old dryer sheets are a smart fix, but you can also mist your hands in hairspray or a bit of styling cream and run them over your head. Even hand lotion will work in a pinch!

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To help prevent hat hair in the future, try winding your hair into a very loose bun; it'll reduce overall friction/static, add a bit of volume-boosting bend, and prevent hat lines/creases from forming. And always be sure your hair is tooootally dry before putting a hat on in the morning!

What's YOUR trick for fixing hat hair? Do tell!

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