Flash Mob Takes Over JCPenney, Ellen's Show

Make a flash-mob for Ellen and it won't go unnoticed. A group of dancers put on a surprise show outside of a JCPenney and leaked it online. So what's that got to do with the talk show host? Last month, after Degeneres became spokesperson for the retail giant, a small army of outspoken critics called for a boycott of the store simply because of the talk show host's sexual identity. Their hope was to ultimately get JCPenney to drop Ellen. But the big shiny Penney stood by Ellen. So did thousands of fans on Facebook. Eventually the homophobic fringe group backed off.

The whole thing was a triumphant collaboration of one star, one mega-corporation and a whole lot of online support. "My haters are my motivators," was Ellen's pitch perfect statement at the time. It was enough to make you want to dance.

And that's just what GROOV3, an community-oriented dance group, did at a California mall. The troupe invited all levels of dancers to celebrate the win and learn some moves just hours before hitting mall last Saturday. Less than a week later, Ellen posted the video on her show and asked to meet the mob. Not bad work for a Saturday at the mall.

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