Food-Inspired Nail Polish: 14 Hunger-Inducing Colors

Hunger Nars

Who knew nail polish color names could be so ... so ... delicious? It's true. There's a scrumptious new trend for naming nail lacquers after lots of your favorite mouth-watering foods -- from chocolate and fruit to all your ethnic favorites.

Pull up a chair. No forks and spoons necessary. But get ready because these 14 nail polish colors with food names are going to stimulate some serious Hunger ($16) pangs and have you craving all the season's tastiest colors for your fingertips.

Bon Appetit

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WARNING: Do not eat these nail polishes no matter how yummy their colors pretend to be.

Let's see what's on the (nail polish) breakfast, lunch and dinner menus today. Such a colorful assortment of goodies, you'll see.


Start your day off with a fresh cup of joe, wheat bread toasted, a sweet spread, and a piece of fruit.

rich coffee Yves Saint Laurent
Rich Coffee
($20) by Yves Saint Laurent at Nordstrom

toast RGB nail polish
($14) from RGB

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honey glace nail polish
Honey Glace
($9.95) by Karma Organics at Kir Devries

tutti frutti
Tutti Frutti
($4.99) by Sonia Kashuk at Target


For lunch, roll up some refried beans in a whole wheat tortilla, sprinkle on a little cheese and dribble it with something spicy.

pinto american apparel nail polish
($6) at American Apparel

salsa red china glaze nail polish
($5.99) by China Glaze at Sally Beauty

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And because it's so good for you, some H2O. In fact, drink two or three.

sparitual nail polish water
Tall Glass of Water
($10) by SpaRitual at SkinStore


In the late afternoon, don't feel bad if you need a refreshing little caffeine boost.

iced mocha
Iced Mocha
($4.29) from Savvy by Femme Couture at Sally Beauty


And what delicious foods can you enjoy for dinner? Always so many choices ...

Will it be pizza?

pepperoni red nail polish essie
($8) at essie

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Or maybe Chinese ...

dim sum dashing diva nail polish
Dim Sum
($8) from Dashing Diva

Or some tasty nibbles from Spain:

Can You Tapas This nail polish OPI
Can You Tapas This?
by OPI at Beauty-Mart

How ever will you decide?


No matter what you choose for dinner, if you're anything like me, you'll have to top it off with something sweet.

Maybe a nice light cake with fresh fruit over top.

angel food nail polish pink
Angel Food
($8) by essie

berry pink nail polish ELF
Berry Pink
($1) by ELF

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But then again, chocolate always hits the spot. Finally, we don't have to wait for Easter to splurge on some Cadbury chocolate.

Cadbury nail polish
Cadbury Vanilla Bliss
(£11) at Nails Inc.

Cadbury Chocolate Bliss
(£11) at Nails Inc.

How's that for a delectable list of finger foods?

Of course, proteins are sorely overlooked in the foodie nail polish color game. Perhaps we'll see a lovely rosy dark pink Meat Dress color on the market soon.

Now I'm hungry for, uh strangely, nail polish. What other delicious colors might we like to try?

Written by Sheri Reed for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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