Forget all the fancy crap: The real beauty products women can't live without

Women's magazines, beauty blogs (and even yes, on occasion, the editors here at Shine) have long extolled the value of what they deem "must-have" products; the types of awe-inducing cosmetic and skincare items that save time and, in cases of the most exaggerated writing, lives. However, for those of you who read these articles and think, "That's a bunch of malarkey! There's no way I need a cream that costs $100," there's a new, reality-based study that validates your view.

According to a poll of 2,000 women conducted by the British company Superdrug (I know, the name sounds completely dystopian sci-fi) the number one product women really can't live without is not some fancy beauty-editor-recommended eye cream or $50 mascara, but your grandma's favorite lip balm: Vaseline. Other essential purchases included Olay moisturizer, Gillette razors, Nivea hand cream, and Herbal Essences shampoo.

Further in the poll, women were asked about their buying habits and grooming rituals and some interesting facts were revealed: 63 percent believe they'll have to cut down on grooming costs this year; 62 percent said they'd rather stop buying clothes than beauty products; and 20 percent said they'd still choose a fake tan over sunscreen while on vacation (eek!). But my favorite of all of the info that came out of the Superdrug poll, the piece of information that to me says the most about us as women and why we really purchase the things that we do, is the following: 42 per cent of women admitted they buy expensive brands just because they look better when on display in their bathroom.
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