The Four Best Bras for Summer

Victoria's SecretVictoria's SecretSummer is just around the corner, which means … it's time to go bra shopping. With all those tanks, strapless sundresses, and other revealing clothes, you need the right bra to keep you comfortable and covered. (Potential wardrobe malfunctions, like these, soar when summer hits.)

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We found the four best summer bras -- the ones that will let you breathe, but won't make an appearance (unless you want it to), even with a plunging neckline. Scroll down and check out the best bras for the season. Trust us, your tank tops will thank you.

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The T-Shirt BraVictoria's SecretVictoria's Secret

It might seem silly to buy a bra just for t-shirts, but trust us, you need one.. Since summer is the time for tees, full-coverage bras in smooth fabrics like satin or silk help minimize any lumps or bumps while keeping everything smoothly in place. Just skip the lace options -- those definitely won't lay flat.

The Multi-Way Bra

Halter tops have met their match. Just like its name says, this bra can be worn in multiple ways simply by moving the straps. This style is ideal for shirts and dresses that have tricky cutouts, one shoulder straps, or a plunging back.

Victoria's SecretsVictoria's SecretsThe "Show-Me" Bra

Remember Carrie Bradshaw's famous naked dress? Well the "show-me" bra has the same idea -- lingerie that's meant to be seen. If you're wearing a sheer top or something that hangs loose, leaving a little more skin exposed, this bra is the perfect option. There's something so effortlessly stylish about peak-a-boo lace, especially when it's done on purpose.

The Strapless Bra

Since most women don't have the luxury (or desire) to go braless, this choice easily supports any strapless outfits. Thanks to a wide range of under wire, bandeau, and shape selections, girls with varying bust sizes have tons of practical choices. These bras keep the girls up and covered -- always a good thing.

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