Fun new site:

Gina's before photo via BeforeYouWereHot.comGina's before photo via BeforeYouWereHot.comDid you have an awkward stage growing up? Maybe... feathered '80s bangs? Alternating colored braces? Were you the queen of ill-fitting neon pleated-front shorts? Now you can share all the embarrassing fashion ad beauty moments of your youth with others at, a brand new site that showcases a more regrettable past image alongside a fabulous one from today. And if you're too shy to contribute your own photos, you're more than welcome to browse and laugh heartily along with others. Here's what the site creators (who also run have to say about their new endeavor:

Every swan was once an ugly duckling, and this is what BEFORE YOU WERE HOT is about. We're calling upon our super hot peers -- that's you! -- to send us your not-so-hot photos from before you blossomed into the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie clone you are today (bonus points for bad perms or headgear).
This is all in good spirits, like "we were all in this awkward phase together." Keep it clean, people!

I can't wait to submit a picture of myself looking dorky, and am currently rummaging through boxes of old photos now trying to decide which was my worst look. My apparent fashion and beauty sins: thick tube socks that matched my t-shirts, patterned spandex bike shorts, really big hair, and headbands with massive bows on top. Ahh. It's fun to reminisce, but even sweeter to know those not-so-hot days are behind us. []